Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fun 4th

Fun 4th
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We had a great time hanging out with lots of family all weekend long.

This is a pic of the fun we had with paper towel tubes. I put it up to my
lips and sang doo doo doo doo dooo! And he smiled and laughed. Then, he
would hold it back up to my lips to get me to do it again. While he
concentrated to line it up with my mouth he would mimic my facial expression
of pursed lips. His look of concentration was hilarious with his little
lips- and I would burst out laughing instead of singing doo dooo dooo dooo-
it was really cute. This is my best attempt at catching it in action.

While that was a highlight of the weekend, we also saw a black bear in my
parents' backyard of the cabin, and 2 mother deer and 3 fawns.

We had a lot of fresh air, but no sunburns. And way too much food!

Cindy from knitting came over, after driving the half hour from her cabin,
and we had snb on the deck outside. 'Twas really nice.

I did so much knitting this weekend including finishing the fish's knitting,
my purple vest, and almost finishing my mom's socks. I am trying hard to not
cast on anything new until I get more of my UFO's done. I haven't set a
specific goal of how many to get done first, but I know the first next thing
I will cast on. It will be Noah's owl vest.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes, a black bear? How close was it to the house? ~e