Sunday, December 31, 2006

art room

The art room is nearly done- Dh and I just completed our frottage painting technique. I figured out a system for cutting paint drop cloths- the plastic ones, and cut about 20 some of them. It was a little tricky in some places to get the painting to look seamless, so some areas of the wall look more modular. I am going to call it a design feature. For those of you who have done our own faux painting or watched Trading Spaces you know that an empty room really shows off a painting technique. Once you get your stuff, and furniture back in the room it all starts to flow better, and you don't notice one particular "design feature" as much as you did while in the painting moment.

Tomorrow Dh will finish setting up my "flying saucer" lights, and I will finish the blue sky painting on the big vent thing in the room, then it will be time to sweep, and move things in. I am really looking forward to that time!

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