Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Today I bought two pairs of boots- both on sale for 60% off. I bought one pair at lunch time, and the other in the late evening. I finally found some tall black boots that fit comfortably. I am keeping the second pair because they are the best of the two.

Today was SnB- which is why I was staying up so late last night, trying to get my gift together. Had I known I was going to receive my own gift in the end I would have gone to bed way earlier, to join DH.

Last night I felted a needle cozy from the Cat Bordhi book that I got from my in-laws thanks again!!! I started by felting it in the washing machine on the hot setting, and it was a slow practice. It was nearly agonizing to watch the washing machine keep filling with water for such a small thing. Eventually it was the rinse cycle, then the end, and it was hardly felted. I was tring to felt some of the Araucania Nature Wool (that wouldn't wind nicely on the swift) and Karaoke soy yarn. I finally acheived progress when I began vigourously scrubbing the needle cozy against the washboard like portion of our old sink. That was pretty cool to watch, as I alternated between getting it hot with steamy water and then changing things by giving it cold water. It was far more effective than my short little washing maching stint.

When that was done I moved on to the second part of my gift, googling and creating beaded stitch markers. I didn't have the toggle clasps that were mentioned on the net instructions so I improvised with bent hook, like fish hook, earrings. I used DH's needle nose pliers, and went on a hunt for his other pliers, and began creating.

But my beading creations never happen fast. The process goes this way- I get out all my beads, look at them, feel like there is a lot of them, then set out to design the item. It never goes smoothly. I find myself wishing the bead store was open so I could find whatever I need, but it is too late at night.

First I didn't want to use a few certain beads as I'd bought them specifically with another project in mind. Then after trying all the other options I changed my mind and decided to use them anyway. So then I began and ended up making 6 stitch markers. By the fourth or fifth marker I was getting really good at twisting the headpin wire top around nicely to make a smooth twist. Then, I had another wave of inspiration hit. I'll make a bracelet out of memory wire that can hold the stitch markers so one can "wear" their stitch markers while knitting and just take them off the bracelet as they are needed. Cool! I found myself thinking I am going to have to make one of these for myself sometime.

The first gift I unwrapped at the SnB gift exchange was a needle felting kit. I laughed- I already have two needle felting kits. And at this point in time I actually know where they both are. They are in a pile awaiting their proper place in my art room- which will get finished someday- I am told. The reason why I had two needle felting kits was because I had misplaced the first one I purchased, at the first Sheep and Wool festival I ever attended. By the time next year the S&W Festival returned I had no clue where the first kit was, so I bought another.

I traded for the in-demand pre-measured to dye in the self-striping way sock yarn. But another person "stole" it from me, rightly so, as I had stolen it from another person beforehand. Then, I had to decide if I would steal from another person, or unwrap the last gift. I chose the last gift- it was another needle felting kit!!! Wow. Fortunately Kelle wanted to try out needle felting, so I traded with her, for the gift that I had traded my sleep for. If only I'd known. Next time I'll just sleep. I had given it serious consideration- and almost went to the gift exchange giftless- and just watched the others.

In the other predominant arena of my life is a stressful family related crisis. I don't desire to post much about this in regards to details, only that it is making my Christmas feeling like a sadder time than ever before. I have never felt sad at Christmas, though I have heard of others having crappy holidays. For me Christmas has always been a time of fun, good feelings, treats, and cozy enjoyment. All is well with DH and I- don't worry about that, but other things could definitely be better.

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