Sunday, December 31, 2006

more on the paint technique, frottage

To do this we first primed the walls, then painted on a base coat of radiant orange. I had picked this color rather impulsively while Menard's was having its paper bag sale. That's the one where you get a bag and fill it with things and get a certain percentage off all the items. I had begun questioning the logic of this decision- what kind of color is radiant orange? Is is like the construction sign orange or like a real orange? When I began painting it I was pleased to see that while bright it looked more mango-y than anything. I really liked it.

Today we will begin the next step of mixing the glaze with the topcoat, sunnyside. A yellow color. We will paint on the glaze/paint mix, then immediately cover it with plastic sheeting like drop cloths until the whole wall is covered this way. Here is where the rubbing comes in, Kelly, we will rub, or smooth out the plastic with our hands while it is on the walls. When the wall is covered in plastic we will pull the plastic drop cloths from the walls, and have our big reveal moment- and see how the paint turned out.

Pics later- after we do all this.

For knitting- I have been working on my blue sweater once again. I did the armhole decreases for the cardigan fronts late last night. Only 8 more inches on both pieces and the fronts will be done.

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