Friday, December 22, 2006

a little knitting teaching, spa time, and visual OCD

Today I had a rare chance in the middle of my day to teach a coworker how to knit. She was really determined, yet not sure if she could handle the commitment to a project. We worked on the slingshot long-tail cast-on first with the Blizzard alpaca acrylic yarn, but it was too loosely spun. Then we tried out an Encore-type yarn. My co-worker wanted a yarn that was "harder" that wouldn't un-spin itself or split on itself. She really meant more tightly spun, and we found such a yarn. She left the store with lovely wooden needles, a ball of the Encore-type yarn in a earthy tan, and a knitting magazine- for its learn to knit instructions. How fun it was to try to share my knitting passion!

I don't think I knit more than those introductory cast-on stitches, and perhaps 2 practice demo rows of knitting on the tan yarn. But it was gratifying.

I came up with a way to remember the sling-shot way to hold your hands, you just use your left hand to make an 'L" like in the pop culture slang, "loser" or the preschooler's way to tell left from right when learning directions. Then, the idea of holding the right hand needle pulled towards oneself to see the "x" and the triangle. It seemed to work pretty well. I will have to check up on my coworker friend and see how it's going. The super cool thing is that of our 7 person team (including myself) two people has been knitting for a few weeks, one has been knitting for a few years, like myself, one learned to crochet last year, one began learning how to knit today, and the other really wants to learn how to knit. How sweet is that!

Tomorrow is my birthday- and I am going to the spa instead of working. I am especially looking forward to the visit with great hope, as my last two most recent massages weren't relaxing experiences.

DH and I got our hair cut tonight, just in time for my birthday. I originally had scheduled him for an 8pm appt. at the same time as mine, but he reminded me of having worship practice in the evening. So I called the salon, and set up a 5pm instead. When we got there my hair stylist asked me if I wanted to get my hair cut then instead of at 8- which worked perfectly. So now I have new hair again, just in time. I really enjoy having good hair on my birthday, and I also appreciate it when DH has good hair for all special occasions too.

Because of my being who I am, I decided that I must have some sort of visual OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for those who don't speak psych lingo. I am very aware of aesthetics, and because of that I want my environment to be a certain way, and my surroundings to be visually stimulating. When I knit I want my project done right, with the stitches just as they are supposed to be, or even better if I know tricks to make them such.

In my rooms I carefully select all the paint colors I use in our house, and revel in crawling into a tightly made cozy bed, without wrinkled blankets and sheets. Contrary to my visual obsession there are plenty of messy but not dirty, places in our home. At my worst these areas make me stressed, at my best they make me feel human.

I am getting ready for my art room, and the fulfillment of that goal and dream. This completion is right around the corner. I hope to have further updates of progress on this special little place as the next week passes.

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