Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another big day-

Worked out hard at the club, then came home. Freaked out- you'll see why- and later house-hunted with friends who are house-hunting. Not us- we have a house. Did some dreadful billing and paperwork, fretted for a long time over which Christmas photo card to select. Found the perfect one, with a little Golden Lab for an hourglass like symbol for when pages are loading online. Soon- am going to bed.

Oh- also fretted over hunting for a piece of paper that documented the color blue I used on my Noro Gloria sweater. I am doing this one differently than originally, and now need much more blue Cascade but what color? yarn than before. I visited lots of internet pages with the color cards and narrowed it down to 4 colors from the 'net. I dug through all my knitting things in the basement- art room area stash- and upstairs in the guest bedroom closet, and the study closet. Then, after all that found the manila envelope that held the information.

I realize that I will have a different dye lot, but figure as long as the back is the same dye lot, and the front is also of the same dyelot- both halves the same dye lot at least, it should all be fine. Plus- eventually I will have to figure out how I want the sleeves.

I sat down and felt like a medical coder, coding my knitting process that I used for the sweater back. St k for 3 inches, then begin dec of 1 st at each end of k row for following x rows. St k even for x amounts of rows, then, inc 1 st every knit row for x rows, then bo for ah. Etc.

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