Saturday, December 09, 2006

Run Around saturday

What a busy day- with all sorts of activities. This morning I had an earlyish chiro appt., then DH and I did some shopping and returned some items to various stores. We visited two major malls in the process, along with many shops nearby and including Turtle Bread Co. and Needlework Unlimited. I went to the yarn store in search of the perfect Cascade Quattro colors to to go with my multi-colored roving to knit myself a pair of thrummed mittens. I did not find the perfect color there. I did find this awesome set of sock needles- that I have been eyeing on the internet. The thing was that at the store they cost a lot more than on the 'net. I pondered if I should buy them or not, and then declined.

I did just a little knitting today. I made it to the chest increases and completed all three of them, and will be knitting up to the armholes soon. I am amazed how fast it goes when I am knitting both pieces at once, even with a size 6 needles (which I would consider kind of small for sweater knitting).

Today was also my Mom's birthday. Happy birthday Mom! She and her DH went to Lorie Line at the Orpheum, with her sister and brother-in-law, then we all met up with them for dinner at M & S Grill. Yummo. We had a delicious meal- great appetizers- seared ahi tuna, and phyllo dough wrapped brie with caramelized onions and dried cherries. I had a Pom Pom Mojito. Yes- a pomegranate mojito. Talk about a cool drink. I only drink the fruity "frou frou girlie" drinks- 'cause they are the best. And this one was quite good.

DH had top sirloin, and I had Blue Crab, Brie, and something else I forgot stuffed salmon. We all shared one creme brulee at the end. Delish for sure. You picked a winner of a birthday dinner place Mom.

Also back to the blue sweater, I am almost committing to getting it done by December 22nd- my birthday. I am just not so sure how realistic that goal is, but I think I am going to try for it.

Along those lines I must share a "Three Minute Meditation" that I read while at the chiropractor's office today. It was about the Zen-ness of "not knowing." The goal was to cultivate a feeling of not knowing, not knowing the outcome of one thing or another be it hugely related to your life path, or something more minimally impacting. So I will try to embody that in being fine, content, at peace, with not knowing if I will get my sweater done by my birthday- or not. We will see.

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beth said...

Happy birthday to your Mom!