Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas letters and sock teaching

Today was another, typical, holiday busy day. Church in the morning, celebrated my parents' 35th anniversary with a nice lunch out, knitting with Leslie, friends (Beth and James) over for work on my art room (nearly ready for me to prime the walls!), dinner with them here- pasta with shrimp and leftover pomegranate salad, with chocolate mousse for dessert, then more work on my paperwork and billing.

Plus work on a sock. A semi-secret sock. But it is not really secret. My friend Leslie was knitting her first sock and I was able to bestow a great amount of sock knitting knowledge on her, and talk her through the heel flap, turn heel (my favorite part) and picking up the instep stitches. She was knitting a sock out of really soft yarn- I think it was by the Araucania brand, Atacama. I think it was color # 805, I believe on size 6 (I'm guessing here) needles. I was a bit jealous because the thicker than sock weight yarn looked tantalizing and speedy to knit with as compared with my yarn and smaller sock needles.

This evening DH was addressing Christmas letter envelopes while I knit on my break from paperwork. What a good helper he is!

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