Wednesday, December 06, 2006

SnB and Chiropractor

DH has been going to the Chiropractor for awhile now, and I had tried one once in the past spring. It was too weird for me. The guy tried to test some food allergies by my holding a vial, and all sorts of other strange things.

But today I tried again. I went where DH goes, and where a co-worker of his goes whom I trust. This time was not so scary. What was scary was the diagnostic read-out or the muscle tension in my body. So I am looking forward to that diminishing.

Kelle asked if this trip was better than the last massage I attempted to receive at a spa. It was. At least the person didn't smell like smoke! The lights at the place (the new place) were nice. They had cloud coverings which served to mute and calm the otherwise glaring overhead fluorescent lights down.

I missed a large chunk of SnB to do this though, which was difficult. My job/life is such that I start anticipating Wednesday's SnB once Monday comes around. By Tuesday I think, "whew, and wow- I made it. Just one more day (till SnB)." So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to give up my few daytime moments of escape. But I did it. I made it through. And now I have just one more day till I attend a workshop on "How to Start Your Own Private Practice." That'll be on Friday. DH and I will be attending together, as he wanted to hear and learn all the info too. But tomorrow will probably knock me on my butt- as it will be a busy day trying to cram more than my brain and body can handle into one day, and then, it will be time to knit again, and regain my composure.

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