Tuesday, December 19, 2006

just a few rows

That's all I did. Now I have to do some paperwork that is due tomorrow. For a few seconds I thought about continuing knitting tonight and waking up really early to do my paperwork- but I know myself. I would not be able to wake up that early after working as hard as I have been working these past two days. It just would not happen.

But I do want to keep knitting on some socks. Now that I have them figured out the second sock is going much faster than the first. I just need to make sure to duplicate the former sock's order of ribbing.

Tomorrow- I will have some knitting time at SnB- just a little then, but more later in the afternoon if my energy doesn't crash. Then- thursday, and a pre-birthday dinner at Big Bowl with family, and Friday- spa day- and my birthday. Hooray!

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