Sunday, December 24, 2006

Go to the other blog that I share with DH. We went to Zelo for lunch, and it was magnificent. You can get to the other blog via the sidebar

It is hard to have two blogs, because sometimes I post to the wrong one, like when I forget to check which blog I am posting from, I send it to the wrong one. That is why the title to this is so long. For some absurd reason I have not found a way to copy and paste text to my blogging field, only to the link field or the title bar. So that is why this one is the way it is.

In the knitting kingdom- The kangaroos are making WAY more knitting progress than I have been. I think I will set a knitting goal to complete the birthday/Christmas socks for Elzbieta, and DH's hat before January 2nd. Can I do it? Wait and see.

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