Sunday, December 17, 2006

knitting and pomegranates, and animal safety

I really like knitting, and I really like pomegranates.

Last week I had a pomegranate mojito; tonight I had a pomegranate salad with smoked turkey, and bacon.

I knit just a few rows today, while re-watching most of the most recent episode of "The Office." That show is so funny- even when I would ordinarily get upset over the idea of a dead goose being in their office, and then eating it, somehow it is still funny to me.

I must state a different animal related thing that was upsetting to me- from the movie "Happy Feet. " There is a part in the movie where one of the penguins has a six pack plastic ring around his neck. Part of the plot involves this "talisman", but I am a strong advocate of environmentalism, and I always try to cut those things into several pieces so if they were to get around animals at any point in time no animals would have to die or be seriously compromised as a result of my irresponsibility if they were to get one stuck on their body.

So this scene in the movie made me want to yell, "Other penguins! Use your sharp little beaks to gnaw that horrible thing off that suffering penguin guy! " (so I can continue watching the movie in good faith that the animated penguin was not seriously harmed in the making of the movie).

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