Sunday, December 10, 2006

Super Sunday

So far, the night has not ended yet, but I did a little knitting while in the car driving to church. I was passenging- don't worry- not driving while I knit.

We visited a new, groovy church today. It is in Minneapolis, called the Spirit Garage. This is definitely the church for people who want something new, something edgy and creative all at once in a friendly and welcoming package. I am trying to figure out how to visit it more often as it had rockin' music, that felt like great alternative music stuff with really talented musicians. Very Uptown.

After that my other Beth friend (I have 3 now) and I went to check out the Midtown Global Market. She had expressed interest in visiting, and I said I'd go with her, but I was quite surprised when we just decided post-church to just do it. It was great. I bought a pretty and big colorful bag, fix-ins for guacaomole, mochi, and lunch at the Sirena Gorda (the fat mermaid). Lunch was mahi-mahi tacos on the tastiest hard corn taco shells I'd ever had. The special included hisbiscus iced tea, so I tried that too. It's not bad, but it's not my favorite.

In the afternoon DH and I (thanks so much DH for all your cookie-making help!!!) made 16 or 17 dozens worth of Sue's Swedish Ginger Cookies. They are fantabulous with their crunchy little Swedish pearl sugar on them. While they baked I worked on and completed our Christmas letter. I also snuck a few tasty cookies.


Sue said...

16 dozen! You must have been exhausted. But I bet your house smelled heavenly.

Kelly said...

Ooooh, I went to the Midtown Global Market this summer, very cool place. My friends and I each got a different type of food and shared for lunch. I ordered my food in Spanish :-)

Also, you are now the second person I know of who likes mochi.

lisad said...

mmmmmm Sue's cookies are heavenly.I think I'll make me some for christmas. Thanks for putting that idea in my head.