Friday, December 01, 2006

My next project will be...

I have been eyeing these wonderful cozy looking thrummed mittens. I have been thinking about taking this technique further, perhaps to a coordinating hat as well, if I have enough roving. The challenge is that if I use the roving for these projects I won't be able to try spindle-spinning it. Plus- I would have to decide which of my two blobs of multi-colored roving I would like to use. I really like sparkle, so I am leaning towards my pink and turqouise and glitter roving, with a lovely as yet to be determined shade of Quattro.

In SnB the other day Rox said that the Quattro is four different shades together, and I love a multicolored yarn!

In the hat news- I have not worked on it since Thanksgiving.

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