Saturday, December 02, 2006

LONG day!

I have a work group thing on occasional Saturdays- today was one of them. It starts at 8:30 and goes till noon- or so I thought. When I received a text from another group person questioning my whereabouts at 8:33 I was surprised. Didn't the group just start? OOOPs- I believe I apparently subconsciously decided that the start time is 8:30- when I believe it really started at 8am. OOOPs. No wonder I felt like I was sleeping in when I got up at 7:03 today.

I got some knitting done there though, and that is always great. I worked on DH's hat. For some reason a 32 row pattern is starting to seem a lot shorter- and to go a lot faster than it went after I had just begun this project. I am not complaining- all that garter stitch tends to feel like the same thing- because it is, over and over. I found myself sitting in church today actually contemplating knitting another pair of Jaywalkers. I was wearing my one pair then, and was looking down at them. That's right. The one project that nearly kicked my butt, I nearly gave up on them, and I was for a fleeting moment considering knitting them again.

I also went to a shopping mall event where a friend was selling jewelry. I bought a really beautiful bracelet that is silver with little scrollies and sparkle. That was a great find.

Yesterday I was successfully advertised to. I just had to end that sentence with to. Just because it is bad grammar and fun to play around.

I was at Southdale with DH and we were doing Christmas shopping. We walked by New York and Co. and there was a nearly life-sized cutout of Meredith Gray and Derrick Shepherd. Meredith was apparently wearing a coat they were advertising. I asked DH if I could go try on this coat- so I did. And I bought it, and another nearly identical coat that was a shorter version. I couldn't decide if I should be practical with the longer coat- The one Meredith was wearing- or the shorter one. With the help of Elzbieta and my Mom I decided on the practical longer one. It is a puffy style jacket with a faux fur hood trim. I have a weakness for faux fur for the pure floofieness of it all. My "old" coat also had faux fur. It was from Sam's Club, and I want to say it was 50 dollars. A great price for a winter coat. But the little hooks to hook it shut were all wearing out, and getting sharp and pokey. Plus the coat was suede with faux fur and it cost about 20 or more dollars to dry clean it. Which I did about once a year due to the prohibitive cost. This new coat is machine washable, except for the detachable hand wash hood. I totally fell for the advertising- Meredith wears that coat!!! Plus it was on an incredible sale. And I love a good sale (thanks Mom for teaching me about sales!).

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Anonymous said...

NY&Co gets me every time. They have some smart people in their marketing department.