Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blonde moments

Very few would consider me "blonde" but I do have my blonde moments. The other day DH was trying to explain something to me and I had no clue what he was trying to say. Even people who have studied communication (myself) run into problems communicating. Do you have that happen too, where you are searching for the words- and instead of the word you are looking for you find every word but that one particular word?

Like the other day I said a child was observational, or observative, when I was looking for the word observant. And today I did the same thing again with some other words. There is actually a social psychology phrase that was coined for this conundrum- and accurately named too-
"tip of the tongue syndrome." Who'd of guessed?

But besides the learning lesson, I have a new phrase for those moments where my neural pathways aren't clicking along as fast as I'd like, and it is simply,

"I'm wearing a lot of wool." Now who could argue with that? This is the perfect thing to say when you have your next "blonde moment" and when you are indeed wearing a lot of wool.

At the time I was wearing a wool/acrylic Lion brand Woolease scarf 2x2 rib, and a "Live Dangerously Don't Swatch" hat done up in Bartlett Yarn in a basketweave stitch pattern, and of course, grape colored mittens, of Knitpicks Sierra with a cable. Give it a try, and let me know if it works for you.

And if you ask me a question that I'm just not following, or try to explain some knitting technique that just won't click, don't be suprised if I utter, "I'm wearing a lot of wool." You'll know what I mean.


Kelle said...

Wearing wool makes your thoughts fuzzy? Okay, yeah, I will buy that.

- LisaD. said...

Ha! So that's my problem.....I wear way too much wool! hmmmm

I don't have to tell YOU that I suffer daily from "tip of my tongue syndrome"

It's just the hand that life has dealt me.


Congrats on your new food blog.