Friday, November 24, 2006

knitting on the road

This early morning we drove to the nearest big city/town in WI, and I knit cozied up in the back seat, working on DH's hat. I am now on row 13 of the 32 row pattern. This pattern calls for the 32 row repeat being knit nearly six times. I am on the second of the 5 repeats.

Today my MIL gave me some gift certificates she had for Northwinds Book and Fiber. This is a bookstore and yarn store in one. They also carry weaving supplies, and have a loom or two on site. It took me awhile to select a knitting book. There were two of Barbara Walker's treasuries, the new Knit Fix book, Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Maggie Righetti's two books, and Knitting on the Road. Those were just the titles I was trying to decide between- there were many more good knitting books there. I also almost bought a skein of the new Austermann sock yarn with aloe. That sounds like such a graet idea- keep the feet warm and moisturized at the same time. Has anyone tried that sock yarn out yet to see if it is worth it?

Well, I decided on the "Knitting on the Road: Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter." I really like the Conwy, Dalarna, Canal du Midi, Denmark, New England, Inst and Whitby. I really liked how some of those patterns like New England has straight stockinette up the back to a point, then the knitted pattern continues further up the leg.

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