Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Drop Spindle- before I kept dropping the wool

Last year I selected this drop spindle at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence,
KS. I picked it because it had cute sheep on it, and I wanted to have a
drop spindle. According to my spinning book this is one is a slow
spinner because the hook is not by the whorl. I guess this would be a
bottom whorl drop spindle. My singles (is that even right?) are of blue
and purple superwash wool. I wasn't sure how it would spin because it
was superwash, which does not felt, so I was concerned I wouldn't be
able to spin it well, but I think it worked well enough for my little
diy drop-spindle session. I am content with this early product, and am
also content to stop trying for the night when I feel like I am ahead.
Perhaps I will be able to visit the WI sheep person while I am out
there and buy some more wool for spinning, now that I sort of
understand the process. Rox, I am taunting you! I know it.

This was the second time I tried to drop spindle. And yes, I did drop
it a few times. The first time I tried was last spring sometime after
the Sheep and Wool fest.


Rox said...

The dark side. You've succombed. All I can do is shake my head and hope you're zoned for sheep in your back yard, because you know that's coming.

beth said...

(Maniacal Laughter) Ha Ha Ha!!! Another knitter has been drawn to the spin side!
The Spin It book is a good one for learning to spinde spin. Check out Marnie MacLean's site for info on drafting etc.