Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Two good things...

Thanks to Kelly for this article about inmates who are knitting for charity. What a great purpose for them. I wonder if they have to knit endless garter stitch- that would drive me crazy! Hey- DH's hat is all garter stitch too.

A Knitting Confession-
I am a knitting podcast junkie. I started with Knit Cast with Marie Irshad, then moved on to Cast-on with Brenda Dayne, and have expanded to Lime and Violet, and The Knitting Cook. I also listen to Quirky Nomads with Sage Tyrtle. I have tried some other knitting podcasts that I didn't "click" with, but out of thoughtful consideration and becasue I am such a nice person, I do not feel the need to lambast them. I applaud their efforts, all of them, whether I chose to subscribe to them through I-Tunes or not. (I think that about covers it for my podcast addiction.)

How else can you vicariously make homeade bread, or basmati rice with beans while driving around in your car? Or marvel at the word "Starbucks becoming a noun"? Or listen to 'It's Friday- and that means, Something Out of the Ordinary." Only through the magic world of podcasts.

Tomorrow- the story of when I first listened to "Lime and Violet" where I was and what was happening at that moment.

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