Monday, November 27, 2006

along came a little frog

So, I was working on DH's hat, on the rare few moments of freedom I had tonight, it was a LONG day, and I realized my st count was off. Dang- and I was doing so well! So, I frogged while DH and friends watched tonight's episode of Heroes, and found my way back. I couldn't find where I'd lost a st so I followed Beth's advice (this is a knitting Beth, but not Beth's Blue BLog Beth), and just picked up a st along the edge. Then I decided all was well for that hat. I am rapidly, (as rapid as garter st gets), approaching the row 32 once again, I Just need to do the same 1-32 row repeat a few more times.

This was the day that would not end. Last night after injesting some Caribou Gingerbread Latte I did some of my billing work- yet still this morning more awaited me. I got it all done just in time, just barely, and my day kept flying by. After coming home I still had a bunch more to do. Blah- too much work! And it is only Monday!

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