Friday, November 17, 2006

scary post- the knitter's nightmare

I know it is after halloween and all, but the post after this deserves too disclaimers.

Now, you've been warned.

Last night was a SnB knit night at Beth's Blue Blog's house. I'm short on time otherwise I'd link to it here. Check the sidebar for further info.

As always we had a great time, though not without some yarn related problems. Shelly, or her blog, (check the sidebar) was kind enough to bring her ball winder and swift, so I responded by raiding my yarn stash for hanks of yarn to wind. I found several. I took a pic of them all wound tidily, and most of them wound, then re-wound so as to prevent the yarn from unnatural stretching. Who of you out there would be willing to confess to pulling on sheep's wool- while still on the animal. Now that would be mean- kind of like Cow tipping I would think.

Well, I plan to post the pic within a day or so, and you'll be able to see it all. There was one Horrid SKEIN of yarn though, one I had gotten on clearance at the Yarnery, an Aruacania Nature Wool skein, in a nice hand-dyed medium blue, that was hopelessly convoluted and tangled from the point that I untied the hank. I owe a lot of thanks to Shelly and Lisad for helping me on that beastly one. Unfortunately, it is still not untangled. But it will be. Even though Shelly offered me 6 dollars (.60 less than I paid for it, $6.60 was the marked price) if I would just throw it away. But tangled skeins are still yarn, and the challenge continues to untangle it, and not let it win, until it can be a tidy little wound "ball" just like its cousins.


- LisaD. said...

yeah, that was some yarn alright.
It's a shame we didn't get it all untangled last night....would've felt so gooooood to do so.

beth said...

Ha ha.....I was there man! I saw this horrible yarn in action! I sure hope it knits better than it winds.....and that the Weasel doesn't get to it;)

Susan said...

There is something about a good puzzle - I like untangling yarn too. Don't tell my skeins that, however.

Anonymous said...

What?! I thought you had gotten that thing tamed before we left last night. Argh.