Sunday, November 26, 2006

wow it feels so late!

But it isn't. It takes me awhile to get used to this get early quick thing. Today we babysat for our friends'3 year old while they were houes hunting. It was some adjustment for me, as I spend more time with 4 years-old and older kids. DH and I were helping him with a puzzle, with 24 pieces, a Koala Buddies puzzle. Then we played some Memory, a word puzzle picture matching game, and some game he invented with racing Thomas the Tank Engine cards. I was glad I had all those games and toys for my job, otherwise I wouldn't have known what to do!

It was fun to see DH try to be Adlerian with him, like helping him have the tools to do things on his own. Rudolph Dreikurs, a premier Adlerian family counselor said, "Never do for your kids what they can do for themselves." This was said to encourage adults to permit kids to do things on their own so that the children may have a greater sense of competence, and mastery over tasks.

I had told DH that he could probably just lift him up to the sink to wash his hands, but DH was quick to provide our step stool so the boy could "do it by himself." That reminded me of when I was little, a favorite book I had at my Grandparents' house was "I Can Do It By Myself." This was one of those sturdy hardcover books, in which where several examples of things that "I could do by myself" like get dressed, tie my shoes, etc.

So far I have not knit tonight. But I have done some house cleaning, cooked Double Meatball stoup, worked on the new puzzle, walked the dogs with DH to and from Caribou Coffee at which I had their Gingerbread Latte, (and remembered that it isn't as good as the Dunn Bros. version) and worked on some case notes and billing for tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel more like knitting. I'm sure I will as soon as Monday hits, and all my work starts up again.

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