Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SnB and LakeShore Learning

Today at SnB I knit on the socks. These are special mystery socks, though the recipient knows who she is- but no more than that about the socks. I must say I was quite pleased to receive a kind comment from the designer of these socks- Shelly- when she said my sock looked really good, and that it might have been the first time she'd seen them knit by another person in real life.

On the food blog news, the blog I share with DH, I tried another Gingerbread Latte. You can read more about it here- but here's a hint- it was a real winner- in appearance and taste.

Today was also the day that I didn't feel stressed- on a workday this week. It helps that my day had plenty of space to it, and that I was to do a little shopping at LakeShore Learning. At SnB I learned where this store was- and was especially pleased to hear that they had the "multicultural crayons" there, though they call them 'People Colors" and weren't the ones from Crayola that I am used to using. Last year or so I was looking for them to complete some Bible people puppets for a Sunday School class. I couldn't find them at the time.

I also had fun buying a few other things, like a no-spill paint cup, metallic watercolors, and wipe-off crayons. MIL and FIL- those are for you- so you can label the miscellanous food containers in your fridge instead of having to open them all to find what you are looking for!

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