Sunday, November 12, 2006

Announcing, another blog

Dh and I decided we needed to document our own Tasty Travels, ala Rachel Ray. We love to try out new restaurants and taste new things from all ethnicities. Though, for myself, I wouldn't be caught dead eating a cheeseburger, or a hamburger ever. When I was little I loved going to BBQ's where the families owned pets. In particular I remember going to a BBQ at our friends' house who lived in an adjoining townhouse. They had recently adopted two pets from the animal shelter. An orange kitten they named, "Molly" and a samoyed dog they called, "Teachie." When the adults weren't looking I fed my burger to Teachie. And he loved it, much more than me. I can't recall ever liking burgers, and can remember eating them only on a few occasions.

One time was on a school service trip where McDonald's provided us all with lunch, cheeseburgers. We were sandbagging near the river to prevent flooding, and it was all that was available. It really wasn't that bad after all those hours of manual labor, but give me ethnic food anyday, and I will be much happier.

So all that to say, our new blog is called Two Twin Cities Foodies. And you can visit it by clicking on the link.

It will probably feature some retrospective dining experiences, as well as more current dining adventures.

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