Wednesday, May 25, 2005

stash enhancement

I just took the plunge and bought enough Patons Fresco tape yarn for 3 new tank tops. One will be the shapely tank by, and another the Fresco tank by Patons. Just today I confessed to my dear friend Elzbieta that I might end up wearing this particular Fresco tank every day of the summer-unless I had another one. This spurred some internet research leading to sadness due to Fresco's discontinuation. Boo. But then- I found Fresco for sale for $1.97/skein. OOOH! I might of gone overboard but I prefer to consider my impulsive decision reasonable as the tank is easy, fast, and I already made it once and think I can improve on it since last year's version 1.0.

The Gloria story is another story. I was very much saddened (there's a theme here) when I realized my cardigan wasn't quite what I wanted it to be. Yes, it looked beautiful knit up and all, with it's changing vibrant colors and "caterpillars" but the sleeves hung too low, causing the shoulders to fall below my actual shoulders. Plus- the width of my cardigan fronts ended up being about 6 inches wider than me. This couldn't be. Thanks to Beth from Beth's blue blog for an inspiration, and hope that I could salvage it by using a button and giving it an i-cord loop. Thanks also to my Mom whose suggestion involves more work than Beth's but I think it will make the sweater closer to that of the model. This fixing involves taking out the sleeve seams and the under-sleeve seams and picking up stitches along the cast-off edge of the cardigan. I tried and rescued one sleeve today with happiness as the result. Tomorrow the plan is to fix the other, and then get to work on folding over both exposed edges of the cardigan about 4 inches each, sewing them to the under-side, and then picking up stitches again to create a new decorative edge on the cardigan. Whew. Exhausting to read about, yet I know it will be worth all the work to make it into what I want.

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