Thursday, May 05, 2005

Felted koala, Lucky Charms and Sheep and Wool fest

Last night I finished my second sleeve. It's as lovely as the first. I finished before midnight, and thus I just met my personal goal of 1 week= 1 sleeve. I was hungry and we don't have much in the way of snack foods so I settled on a bowl of Lucky Charms. When you eat Lucky Charms after midnight a weird phenomenon happens. It was like the marshmallows in the box of cereal had multiplied since my breakfast. Every bite I took had marshmallows- and I got down to the last 2 bites and there were 10 marshmallows and only a few pieces of actual cereal. I figured I may as well just eaten a couple teaspoonfuls of sugar instead.

Today I gave into my urges and went to Borealis Yarns- and bought yarn for my felted koala bag. I found a pattern for a felted koala so I plan to manipulate it into the koala in my imagination and then attach it to a felted bag. I am very excited about this idea. The progress will probably be slow, but steady as I am still working on my gloria sweater and some spring socks. I got a tweedy gray and a solid gray, along with some light gray mohair for a fuzzy koala. I plan to swatch it today- and felt it perhaps.

I am also excited about the sheep and wool fest. I have no idea what to expect- but I do expect it to blow my mind...and hopefully not my budget. Although, my Mom is having a garage sale now, and my husband agreed that the money we earn there will go to me to repay me for my dragonfly picture, so that could mean yarn money...I have a weakness for hand-painted stuff...

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