Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm doing it again

I am dressed too warmly for the inside temperature of our home. And it is because I am enjoying my newly fixed and seriously revamped Gloria sweater. Yes, I have spent most all of my free time working on it- this whole week. But tonight it was unveiled and introduced into public through a special dinner at Singapore restaurant followed by Sonny's Ice Cream spent with my parents, DH, and my visiting bro.

On the drive to the restaurant I was furiously weaving in yarn tails while seated in the middle of the back seat. I was trying not to get carsick with over concentration yet I desperately wanted to wear my sweater. As we sat down at the table I noticed a long blue string hanging from the underside of my right sleeve. Ooops. I was trying to get by weaving in the minimum of tails but I missed one. Once the tasty dumplings and roti arrived I forget about the bothersome and aesthetically unappealing tail. Good food can do that for you.

So my grandiose fix-it plan worked. The folded under fronts add extra structure to the sweater making it look more like a fitted jacket than a cardigan. The seed stitch edge allowed me to have a decorative edging when I had to fold the garter stitch edging under to make the sweater more fitted. All in all it ended up yielding a sweater that looks made especially for me, a one of a kind no doubt. It's uniqueness is further enhanced by having manipulated the pattern and using two different yarns than those the pattern used. It made this sweater considerably more affordable to knit with kujaku I purchased at 50% off instead of the pricier Silk Garden, and Cascade 220 instead of Cashmerino.


renee said...

The roti at Singapore is absolutely to die for, isn't it? I crave it all the time!

Gloria is lovely - congratulations!

and Genevieve is just adorable!!

- LisaD. said...

Oh do wear it to the next SnB. I can't wait to see it. You truly are an accomplished knitter to be able to customize and re-work patterns. You go girl. I still haven't found my mojo, but looking at the bright side, it has given me time to blog stalk. Whether it decides to return or not, I will plan to go to the next Snb. In the very least, coffee and bitching sounds great.

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