Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A new pet

On Saturday dh presented me with a new pet with a semi-voracious appetite. It was a Grasshog. He got it at Menard's. Lest you freak out and lecture me about having 2 dogs already I will assure you that this is an independent pet, and mom, you will not need to watch it for us if we go out of town. It is a battery-powered weed whipper. I was excited to use it but had to wait for it to charge overnight. Then, the next day I tried it out, and wore it out too, until the battery died. Afterwards both my arms were so tired and over-used that I could barely hold onto a glass of limeade that I was trying to drink.

We had some friends over Sunday night, and had greek food that we made and played Conga. Conga is made by the makers of the game Cranium, which I love, but I think this game goes too fast. A person could play about 4 games of Conga in the time it takes to play Cranium once.

Tomorrow is SnB. I am looking forward to it a lot. I am using it to motivate me to get some schoolwork done. I told dh that I do'nt remember what happened to my weekend. Then I remembered that I was in class all day saturday. Yup. That's what happened. So I feel as though I am trying to catch up on the missed relaxing that could have been last Saturday.

I sewed the sleeves on GLORIA yesterday, and sewed half the side seam. I hope to get it all sewn together today and then I could weave in tails for the next few days. My goal has been to finish this sweater by the last day of my current class which means this Thurs. evening. I think I can.

Then I will be a sort-of free person. Granted that I currently have 2 homework tasks to complete, and will have another once class is done Thursday, but all my month-long classes will be done. Amazing. I've been in school since Montessori. I cannot fathom freedom.

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