Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Buster is jealous of Genevieve's hygiene

Currently I am holding a wet, albeit clean puppy-for the second time today. We came back from our night out and her crate was wet. Ewww. That means she's the recipient of a bath. Buster is dissapointed that she's been gettting all doggie bath's at our house. On our walk today Buster lost all his manners and was pulling on the leash and trying to chase cars. Troy and I decided it was because he was jealous of the pup's bathing time. He hadn't had a bath for over a month. Usually he gets a bath every month but with the new pup in the house it threw off our schedule. Whenever there is a noise in the bathroom Buster runs over to check things out. I took a lavender sea salt bath today and he was by my side (outside the tub) the whole time. Now dh has decided to indulge him, especially since the Weasel's gotten 2 baths today alone! This should help curb some of the jealousy for awhile. He definitely can't be jealous of her getting her nails trimmed more often. Last week it was manicure/pedicure time for the corgis and I clipped all their nails in the backyard. Although come to think of it I do think that Geneweasel's ears are bigger than Buster's...

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