Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Tonight I was freaking out 'cause I thought I was going to run out of my blue yarn. I was brainstorming all kinds of options that excluded purchasing an additional skein of blue yarn. As I kept knitting, well, after walking the dogs with dh, eating catfish, and popping weeds in the yard, I realized that I don't need the blue yarn for the picked up stitches around the collar. The Noro was going to go there. This was the point that I decided that I could consider a Noro collar for an option- obviously prior to reading all the directions for the pattern.

So I kept on knitting, and eventually it was time to bind off the two fronts. But, alas, I was going to test my knitting skills by trying something new. Enter the Three needle bind off. It was like magic. Elegant, timeless, and virtually seamless, the two rows of 18 sts each came together like they were meant to be. Ooh la la. These babies demand a pic.

Prior to all this knitting flurry I did indeed begin my new role. Dressed in my best professional clothes and having ingested a small Caribou zebra mocha, I visualized myself succeeding at this new task. It went even better than I had expected. I was having a coming of age moment, though it was more a coming of career and knitting success day. DH rewarded my behavior by making dutch cocoa chocolate syrup. Yumm-o. I just had a half a glass of chocolate milk. I would have drank more but all that lactose might adversely affect my lungs. I know that I sure have been coughing away today despite taking my prescribed drugs.

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