Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bunny rescue and coyote sighting

On the way to our small group dh and I saw 2 beautiful mammals- not deer, not red foxes, probably not wolves, but possibly coyotes. They bounded through a nearby field as we watched in awe.

On the way back from our small group dh and I saw a bunny limping across the road. My heart breaks when I see hurt animals or dogs loose on freeways or major roads, and my heart was breaking after seeing the bunny. Dh acted fast and pulled the car over to the shoulder, jumped out and caught the hurt rabbit. Conveniently we had a dog crate in the back seat and he placed the bunny in it. We drove to the animal emergency clinic- they said they couldn't do anything for it. Then I called Roseville's Animal Rehabilitation clinic. I was saddened to have to leave a message, but my call was returned quickly. The staff there agreed to stay late to take in our hurt bunny. So we dropped it off after saying some bunny prayers for healing and survival. The receptionist gave me a magnet in exchange for the bunny. It has a baby fox on it. It looks a lot like Genevieve. I intend to e-mail them and and check on its prognosis.

On a sadder note, Amy of the blog "Knit Think" is being faced with some hard decisions about their rescued King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Teddy. He has developed cirrhosis of the liver. Poor doggie baby. Send him some doggie prayers for health, too.

And, as long as the uncertainty is continuing- I think I will be going to the Dr. tomorrow for analysisof my long-lasting cough, and the newly developed pain (hopefully just a muscle strain) under my ribcage. I'm scared to go for a number of reasons- one of them being fear of the unknown, and another related to not wanting to take drugs of any sort. I just don't like side effects and often a illness seems milder than a drug's side effects. I've been trying to knit my way to wellness- but it just hasn't worked yet.

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