Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fabulous anniversary!

I got my hair done at Aveda, we ate at Tiburon, desserted at Muddy Paws, and then my husband surprised me by having our wedding video and honeymoon of Victoria, Australia videos turned into dvd's. These dvd's were then viewed at a special showing for the two of us- at dh's office on their big screen. It was a very memorable evening. Prior to that I had peeky-toe crab cakes, Mango bbq marlin (fish), added my own rum (as in a tsp.- no I'm not kidding) to a mojito, and dh had Lobster tacos. The big draw of Tiburon is their 65 ft aquarium that regretfully was not teeming with aquatic fish. Sad, yes, and a main reason for our selection of the restaurant, but we were told a bacteria was taking over the fish and they were dying, the tank was being cleaned, and that all new fish were arriving on Friday. Of course, just in time for the weekend out-to-eaters. Maybe I'll have to stop by just to see them sometime. Despite that letdown we had a wonderful time together.

The reason for the updo was why should a woman only look her best on her wedding day? It does not have to be all downhill, as in dressing down, from there. No- I didn't put my beautiful wedding dress back on, but I did wear a cute springy dress that made me feel like I should be in a much warmer place. And of course I wore my sexy sandals that I purchased in Santa Clara, CA. We are looking forward to spending much more time together, since dh is the best. :)

Ooh- I had a big meeting today. It went well. I am moving on in my career to more challenging work that is a lot more demanding. I have an adventure ahead, but don't we all. And congrats to my bro who has given his whole summer over to GIS work. I know he'll do a great job.

One more thing. My gloria sweater fronts have been frogged- I ripped or ribbited out 11 inches of the 12 inches I had completed since oops, I forgot to do the decreases. It wasn't that paintful to rip out the 120 rows of work- I want it to be just right, and was wondering why there wasn't any shaping happening to the cardigan fronts. I figured they must just hang big and wide. I was wrong, oops. I think I'll go knit some more since I feel behind now. My goal for it is to be done by my last day of class, May 26th.

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