Wednesday, January 26, 2005

They say

A picture is worth a thousand words- so here are three pics.

I have been busy building things in the living room. Since I enjoy puzzles and assembling things this hasn't been a big problem. It is however, cutting into my ability to work on my research paper.Yet, the research paper is moving along as I have my 10 required articles-yippee. Oour porf had been sick, and then returned this past monday. I stayed after class Monday night (9:30pm) to get my articles screened and okayed by the instructor. It was nerve-wracking to realize that every check (good) was golden, and storngly desired. My articles and I made it through the un-blinking scrutiny and due to my gathering of articles above the requirements I was able to find 10 workable articles. Now the atsk begins of trying to decipher what they all say!

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