Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The inside scoop on what's going on in my house

We are officially without a kitchen sink, our kitchen holds a stove and a fridge at this point. Today we had the wise idea/realization that we will not be removing the linoleum floor. Instead, we will just put a new floor over the old. Some internet research led me to make that big decision. The cool thing is that it cuts down some of our work. Yippee.

The scary thing is that I nearly hit a spinning car on 94 W today about a mile from my exit. Spooky. I was driving really slowly like 40 in the snow and noticed that the road seemed to look better up ahead. Then suddenly in the left lane a big Lincoln of something like that came spinning around, and around. Another car spun in a circle right in front of me ending up facing backwards, parallel to the left shoulder of the road. Thank God no one hit each other or got hurt, but it was a spooky and unpleasant moment. The adrenaline kicked in (gotta love that life-saving fast decision-making stuff) and I took my foot completely off the gas and drove into the part of the snowy shoulder of the road just missing the first spinning car. In my tense state I felt like I needed to express my anxiety in some fashion and I honked my horn, as a warning to all the other drivers to watch out and slow down. I don't know if it worked, but I felt a little better. That's what I do if there is an animal of some sort about to cross the road or standing in another lane. It's my little warning to the animal and to the cars.

On another note, I am still arguing with knitting my sleeves. It seems like the pattern keeps resulting in sleeves that are way too wide for my wrists and I have taken it upon myself to experiment with the number of stitches, seeking the perfect combination. I'll let you all know when I get there.

Yet another note, I was about to paint and it seemed like everything was going wrong. I was having to make trip after trip downstairs to bring painting things upstairs, I had to find the light and extension cord, then realized that the super-bright lamp was burned out. I semi-but not so flippantly said "I need a Caribou drink!". My husband asked for confirmation about whether I truely did want one or not. I said, "you already know the answer to that question". When do I not want a Caribou drink? Then he went out into the cold to get my favorite, light white berry with raspberry syrup. Yumm-o. That must be why I seem to be having a type-athon here. I better stop since my husband is waiting for me...

Oh- one more thing. At the Women's Expo I won a gift basket from "Passion Parties". There is some scrubby thing in it (I forgot the word) and massage oil. OOOH, I love massages. :) I tell ya, it pays to go to the Women's Expo! Especially since my Mom and I always have such a good time there.

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