Wednesday, April 20, 2005

When nap time's the best time of the day...

For two days in a row the dogs have taken nap time simultaneously. It's a beautiful thing when the furkids tire and the knitting can come out and I can watch 30 Min meals on the TIVO without barking.

Today I got a bit of housework done- I did most of it yesterday- and of course, tended to the puppy's needs. She has a new game where she chews on a thick cardboard tag that is still attached to the duffle bag we had to buy in CA to haul back my text books to MN. This was needed since we were billed extra for our luggage since it was 15 lbs over. I'll blame that on my books- not all the shoes that one must bring while traveling. The game part happens when she tries to entice Buster to check out the duffle bag as she uses it much like a time out base while playing doggie tag. Buster tried to figure out what was so special about that bag, but couldn't unlock the secret. Yesterday during a particularly thrilling game Genevieve jumped off her suitcase mountain and DH reported having seen a piece of poo go flying! We knew it was hers, since Buster's trained. now does that count for an accident, or not? I think she was just moving too fast for too long, and it just flew out of her!

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