Saturday, April 16, 2005

McDuster & Genie-weasel

Genevieve is my blogging assistant today. She is now nibbling my capri pants and squirming. She is adapting to our house quite well, and Buster has taken to his big brother role with fervor. He is more than willing to notify us with barks if it becomes apparent that Genevieve's needs aren't being met immediately. Kind of like, "Hey you- she's barking. She wants to play, NOW!" .

She has been alternating between calm angel-like dog and a pooper. Yesterday I was bringing her to my office to show off amd she was in the crate in the back seat. I was driving along and suddenly smelled a horrendous smell. It was coming from the back seat. Yuck! We stopped at Petco to investigate. Lo and behold she had pooped in her crate. Not only that but then she'd walked in it, thoroughly dirtying her little puppy paws. We went into our local Petco's grooming section. Two girls were grooming dogs. They greeted us and asked if we had an appointment. Hello, no, we don't have an appointment. I said all this with flat emotion. I told them about our housebreaking emergency, and asked if she could get rinsed off somewhere. The groomers were very kind and offered their sink, and clean towels, and all this for free. I thanked them profusely, and we went on our way to my work, only about 10 minutes away.

There, she was exhausted from the excitement of the spray-down and after a short time of exploring and walking around she settled into my lap and napped while I did my work. From that point on she was out, and a little limp rag doll puppy. She slept on her back in my lap with white belly exposed, and charmed and distracted all my coworkers.

The Conference

It was a really good conf. albeit cold. It was the Child and Adolescent Mental Health conf. in Duluth. On Sunday we left the 70-degree temperatures of our part of the city to head up north to the 30-40 degree weather. Brrr. While I was there I saw some people I knew from an art therapy internship of mine, drank 2 coffee drinks a day, and knitted through most workshops. I made a good amount of progress on my Noro sleeves- I started knitting them at the same time, and then decided to focus on one sleeve to get it just right before finishing the next.

I have also been busy working on a surprise gift for someone. Today it will be revealed- after I finish the last 12 rows of it and binding off.

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