Tuesday, April 26, 2005

At last a sleeve! and gratuitous poo pic

Thanks for the support and kind thoughts regarding the death of my Great Grandma. After a day at a conference on Anxiety and Differentiation of self aka Bowen Systems theory- dh, Genevieve and I went to IA for the funeral. We arrived late but my db (dear brother) a KU student was up to greet us- and get my in trouble. Just like old times as I was the one caught, reprimanded, and scolded by my Mom who was supposed to be sleeping in a room nearby. She shushed me a couple times- but hey, I was having fun with my bro, and I don't see him often. I figured it was worth it to have a few laughs with him- hey, how come I'm the one who gets caught?! ALL The TIME! The saga continues- as I will always be the *oldest* child. Sigh.

Well, last night Weasel gave us a good laugh, too. In a naughty fashion. She pooped on my husband's guitar case. It wasn't like she was jealous of it, he hadn't played it since she's been here until tonight, but I think it was still a protest to us for taking her "mountain" away. Dad, are you sure you don't want to donate your little black suitcase to us for the entertainment of our insatiable puppy? The poop was so well-placed that despite the apparent lack of good taste in posting such an exclusive inside moment I just had to include it. Hope it makes you chuckle.

On the sleeve note- I am uber excited- like I don't know that I used that word wrong- or did I? To go to EP knitting tomorrow. There I will engage in some furious sleeve knitting as I follow my own pattern for a perfectly fitted Gloria sleeve and chat with some fun people ( no, I will not mention what we talked about last week!) All I can say is that I was glad I didn't live in that area- and that I won't accidently run into any of the coffee shop customers elsewhere, but that the convo is a rollicking good time, keeps me coming back for more...later girls:)


CorgiDad said...

Hey! I have too played it since she's been here!

Amy said...

That dog is just so cute!!!

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday...up late with allergies/sinus the night before, thought I'd take a little rest before going to knit, and woke up at 11:15. :-(

- LisaD. said...

Whoa! Hold on......I thought I was there last week at E.P. SnB. In fact, didn't I sit next to you in the Chakra-throne chair? I'm really curious now.......what was IT that I missed? Was it good? Did I laugh? Had I had my morning caffeine yet?

Corgimom said...

Lisa- you were there- don't you remember?