Monday, April 25, 2005

Genevieve's first check-up

She had her first visit to the our vet this morning. The vet said that she was "very brave". She received an "A" so that's good news. After the vet trip we visited PetSmart for some appropriate vet-suggested chew toys, so now she has cheese and BBQ chicken flavored edible Nylabones. Of course she'd rather chew on my birkenstocks! She had a great time at the store saying hi to everyone there, except the big yellow lab which made her want to run away- and the Rottweiler puppy who was scared of her!

On the knitting scene- I will be taking a needle-felted gnomes class at the Sheep and Wool festival in Lake Elmo. I am looking forward to it since I really love gnomes-like the Amelie gnome and the Travelocity gnome, and learning new techniques.

Also- I have been knitting on my Gloria/Noro cardigan sleeves. I completely redid one of them after trying to add the increases in the middles of the sleeves rather than at the end per the directions. This resulted in bumps on the 2 middle parts of the sleeves on each increase row. I began the new sleeve, and began the decreases for the sleeve cap only to realize that it was too short for my arm. So that part was frogged- and I have begun the decreases again. From my armpit to my wrist is a whopping 22 inches! I have some seriously long arms which wouldn't be a problem if I could only figure out how long to knit my sleeves! I remember a time in high school where the science teacher said about me "Imagine her arms on little Jessica." Little Jessica was about 3/4 as tall as me, and very fine boned- which I'm not. My arms would be like ape arms the science teacher said. I know that was to illustrate a point about our body being well-proportioned by design in science class- but I will never forget the awkward looking image in my head!

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