Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A weird situation

Awhile back I was in this weird situation in which nearly everyone, myself included got unfavorable grades on our papers. Yuck! It was an unprecedented situation and we were given a few options like re-taking the class for free, fixing our papers, or taking another class for half the cost. I figured that I'd already spent enough time working on this particular project that I may as well fix my work and re-submit it. I went to a help session with the prof that felt more like a nightmarish piano lesson in which nothing makes sense and nothing goes right. (I've been there. I had a traumatizing piano teacher for too many years of my childhood).

Then I thought, another paper. Are you serious? I don't want to do it all again! So, rather than fix my paper I decided to take a different class. I figured, I can learn some other stuff, and even though I will be giving up another weekend and will just have had class the Saturday prior this seems like the best decision. Plus, my class will be with my favorite instructor of all time, Wes Wingett. He lives in NE and comes and teaches periodically throughout the year, so it's kind of a special treat to be in his classes. He has this uncanny ability to get to the deepest part of a person's soul within a matter of seconds. Wow. He is so wise that when I first met him I asked if I could follow him around like a puppydog and watch everything he does and do everything that he does. He said no to that, but said I could take whichever classes he teaches and learn that way.

So now I have turned an unfortunate event into a positive learning time. And I will be learning about the psychology of addiction. I just hope he doesn't make me give up sugar for a month and journal about it like my undergrad addictions class prof required! That was rough. I found myself rationalizing eating things with sugar whenever I heard about the relapses of fellow students. I dreamed and fantasized about indulging in high quality treats. My friend Elzbieta and I drove across the city to Cossetta to indulge in the most fabulous amaretto gelato. If I was going to have sugar it was going to be the best treat I could imagine. None of that tootsie roll pseudo-chocolate stuff for me!

Yes- I did get my two papers done and in the mail yesterday. Yes, I did write another paper this morning. If my counting is right, I am estimating that I will write a paper for my current class, a paper for my next class, then 2 short papers, and my big thesis paper a total of five papers remaining to be written in my grad school career. I think I can handle that...

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