Thursday, March 24, 2005

Morning wake up call

Our dog is VERY successful at waking me up as my husband is leaving for work. Granted, I don't really need to sleep in that much, but I had been rationalizing a good sleep till about 9-10 as a cure for jet lag. I think I am sufficently un-jet lag-ed now, so I no longer have that excuse. Plus- I may as well get some of my work done before I "play" knit in public today.

Our corgi chases his tail while spinning profusely andbarking maniacally. That is how he expresses himself when someone close to him leaves. He does it for me, DH, Elizabethan, my parents, the works. If he knows them well enough and they start to get ready to leave he will turn into a little tornado (to use my in-laws term of endearment for him).

I have been thinking about it and taking everyone's opinions into consideration with my purple sweater. The consensus is that my purple turtleneck is more of a tortoise-neck, and again I must manipulate the pattern to my ideal. I already re-altered the sleeves a lot, to make them more fitted, so no big (to use Kim Possible's phrase) regarding the need to turtleifye the neck. Well that was what I thought. After an evening of ripping out the seven inches of stitches and a late bedtime when the wool began to enmesh itself I had gotten back to my starting point. I'm thinking if my collar is half as wide, 72/2= 36 it might be a whole lot better. Since my wacky corgi woke me I think it is about time to start the redo.

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