Thursday, March 10, 2005

A is for...

Apple, aardvark, anteater, abacadabra, excellent, wonderful? Well, I am at my grad school at this very moment, sitting in the office, I just received my research paper. You know the one I was toiling and tormented over, well, yes, that one. The one that about ruined me...well, that same paper is the source of all kinds of goodness today, because...I got an A!!!!!!

I am more in shock than anything. I know that I worked as hard as hard could be, and stressed and sweated, and burned candles, and stayed up till 2 and 2:30am and then 2 again to edit the wretched thing. And now the wretched thing is a twisted element of happiness. As I have survived it and thrived it. YIPPEEE!

Are you all going to celebrate with me now? Have a cocktail, or a coke, or whatever floats your boat! I know that I will indulge in all things indulgent. OH, what a way to preface my California vacation, sweet doggity!

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