Monday, March 07, 2005

Jerusalem and Pericles

This past Thursday night we seized an opportunity for a date night in the midst of all my busyness and classes. With the research paper turned in I breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday morning at the EP SnB. Quite a nice time, as usual. Thursday I indulged in KIP (knitting in public) with my friend Leslie at Anodyne. I was very impressed with their hip, modern interior design as well as my fave drink Cafe miel, and some tasty curry soup. Yum. Then it was off to Golden Valley for an appointment, then time to select a random Uptown street on which to leave my car so my husband and I could share one car for our dinner date of Jerusalem Cafe in Mpls, and then to continue our season's ticket-holding status at the Guthrie Lab. The dinner was really good, I'd suggest a trip there for middle eastern food. Pericles at the Lab was great too. We were not familiar with this Shakespeare play so I don't know if it really was intended to have middle eastern influences, but the set and costumes were fabulous. I was impressed that it began as a tragedy but the resolution led to comedy/happy play. I'm not used to Shakespeare plays being uplifting, but this one was. Lastly, we visited Zeno in Uptown to buy a tremendous piece of chocolate cake. We have eaten from it since Thursday, yet there is at least half the piece left!!

Well, I guess I survived my weekend class. It was exhausting yet amazing. I learned so much about myself and others, and the experience was a once in a lifetime thing. The instructor/therapist was phenomenal, encouraging, supportive, extremely well-read, yet he has a gentleness to his approach that led us all to take risks and to push ourselves to do things that we never dreamed possible.

My husband is resting now. It seems like he has a cold. He took very good care of me this weekend and put up with all my exhaustion and exhilaration quite well. He cooked me a fontina, onion, and bell pepper omelette with corn cakes for my Sunday breakfast, and made mexican meatza pizza for dinner (both were Rachel Ray meals).

I am getting curious about our little pup Genevieve. We should be getting her soon, like in a few weeks.

OH- I finished watching the "Wickedly Perfect" finale this afternoon from my parents' TIVO. I was very happy with the choice of the winner. I was going to be mad if the other person won.

I intended to put some links in here, but I'm not familiar with the process with our new Mac Mini. So far I have handled the PC to Mac shift quite well. I like the little icons on the bottom as I am a visual person.

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