Monday, March 14, 2005

Here in Silicon Valley

I am here, at this moment using the Intel lounge computers with my husband standing next to me. Earlier, I drove a rental car for the first time, a Buick LeSabre, to Saratoga, CA to Knitting Arts to buy needles that were long enough for cardigan knitting and reinforcing sock thread for the heel of my sock in progress.
This morning I had a waffle at the hotel's breakfast place, then sat outside poolside alternating between knitting a swatch of Noro Kujaku and napping. OH, I also located a J Crew outlet store. Sweet Dog!!

And thus I am ecstatic at my trip to Knitting Arts and then to WestGate Mall's Hancock Fabrics for the sock reinforcing stuff that a kind yarn store girl hunted down for me.
CA, well specifically the Silicon Valley is very beautiful now with flowers and trees in bloom. Later I will post some pics of the views so you can enjoy them vicariously.

OH, for lunch we ate at Thai Thai, a place that Troy thought was a hole in the wall from the outside. It was pretty good though and I had green curry with chicken and bamboo shoots.

Now Troy is done for the day, and we can have the whole night together to explore.

My driving experiences here have proved to be kinder than those in MN. It seems like the drivers are better here but the roads are marked oddly.

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