Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In the interest of school work

I am blogging now to get all the brainiac juices flowing so I can continue writing my papers that are due Monday. I cannot comprehend what it will feel like to not write once I graduate from Grad school. If anyone told me I'd have to write this many papers albeit papers of varying lengths I would say no way! But here I am knitting through more schooling. The thing that inspires me or actually motivates me to keep writing is knowing that I can earn knitting time- from myself. I can be pretty rigid with my school work schedule- work for 45min to 1 hour, then knit 2 rows, or however many I can get done in an episode of Rebecca's Garden. Wait! What's up- I can't link to her site now? There are two icons present on my blog bar instead of the usual many. I can upload files, or do the fradulent spell check. I call it fradulent since the one time I tried it my posting dissappeared completely. When the post goes away like that, just where does it go? Hmm...I think I'd better go write my paper now...

OH- I had a great time as always with the EP Dunn Bros SnBers. Plus the cold rain was enough to inspire me to work on the re-knitting of my purple wool sweater collar. I think it will be more turtley this time, instead of like the wide giant collar that is was. Plus, I am so distracted by my Noro/Cascade 220 Gloria sweater. The striping action or switching colors every two rows is so addictive! Especially since the Noro changes colors quite dramatically. Pics on that later- like on my next study break!

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