Thursday, September 03, 2009

thursday's thoughts

These are the only ones I had today. haha.

I'd been almost getting bored with my knitting. That happens when you are knitting a wonderful wallaby sweater for your son out of unwonderful acrylic yarn that you felt compelled to use though it was supposed to be for a former co-worker's baby's sweater. Oops.

I was knitting on it, and I just didn't like how the knitted fabric was turning out. It was a little holey in places, and it bugged me visually. So I zzzz'ed it on my ravelry page. Really, I just pulled out the needles and closed it up into my acrylic yarn stash bin.

Then, I was fixing up my green tank. I finally got fed up with the 80's look that is tank straps sliding off my shoulders. Kelle helped me fix it after I had ripped back too far on the neckline, and together all the stray stitches were found. I reknit that ribbing part on size 2's. DK weight cotton yarn, Reynolds Saucy, to be exact.

But then, on my ever continuing quest to finish old projects, I plodded along to completion on a cotton fan stitch dishcloth. What a joy it was to bind off that puppy at knitting group yesterday.

Brings the tally to:
1- felted mancala (ran out of yarn, so I bought 3 new skeins of Cascade 220 at Borealis yesterday)
2-Owls 2
3-leaf lace shawl (need to find the pattern back, Noah, did you hide it?)
4-crocheted red heart bib
5-thrummed mittens (need to figure out the gauge, and rip them back for the 3rd time!)
6-stuff a bunny nugget and sew him closed and weave in last tails
7-Weave in tails for tank

Since I am going to the cabin again, and not driving this time, I plan to get a lot of this done in the car. Last time I drove both ways since mom was coming and DH was in CO.

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