Tuesday, September 08, 2009

hunter and gatherer and chocolate fest

Last week I was hunting for bargains on canning jars and supplies. Saturday I was gathering, using the apple picker to select fresh big apples, and later crouching around on my hands and knees gathering plums from the in-laws plum trees.

Shortly after I had unearthed far too many plums, like 3 ice cream gallon pails worth, I noticed that my legs were itchy. It didn't take long for me to sprout an itchy rash up and down my legs.

I told DH that we needed to go be busy so I would be distracted from the angry burning feelings. So we went to Town and Country Days in Shell Lake, WI. We caught the tail end of the "chocolate fest" held at the historical society building.

What exactly is a chocolate fest? My curiosity was piqued, and just had to find out. I had fantasies about all kinds of gourmet chocolate, like the kinds I fell in love with in San Francisco. But I reigned in my expectations, and brought them back to earth and decided that a chocolate fest would entail some exhibits and some history on chocolate, with tastes of bittersweet and dark and milk varieties, just to train the taste buds to notice the subtle differences in flavors.

Instead, it was neither of these. It was a few older ladies wearing vintage floral aprons sitting in chairs behind a few small tables of all kinds of bars and cupcakes that were chocolate. Pick up a paper plate, load it with your selected goodies, and then hand it to the older man to pay for the treats.

It was really quite charming, and nothing like I'd expected. Noah and I shared 2 chocolate cupcakes with white centers. I'd made some just like them before, and they were just as good. And that was the chocolate fest.


Kelly said...

I hope you didn't get poison ivy. It affects me so badly I have to take serious Rx drugs to make it go away. Yikes!

Corgimom said...

I'm fine now. I don't really know what it is. Next time I'm rooting around I will wear long pants! It lasted a few days. Sounds awful to have to take RX drugs- horrible!