Sunday, September 20, 2009

skirts, pitchforks, and compost, oh my!

Meant to be read to the Wizard of Oz tune, Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

And Urgent care...Oops. I was being oh, so domestic in my denim skirt and handknit tank as I tended our compost bins with the pitchfork. Dh had been gone for 3 days last week, so I was the Noah-watcher round the clock. In the interest of keeping busy and entertained we began taking care of our plants by watering them, feeding the birds birdseed, and watering and stirring our compost to help it decay quicker. All these things were benefiting from the extra attention, but not without a problem.

Yesterday while wearing a skirt my pitchfork brushed against my bare leg. I looked down. It hurt a little. There was a little blood, but not dripping blood. No problem. I put some neosporin on and a band-aid. No big deal.

It hurt a little more in the morning, and was a little redder. After a girls small group get together at 9, and church at 11, it was time to go to urgent care.

The Dr. wanted to send me home on 5 days of antibiotics, which I balked at. Bad things can happen- like the dreaded girly problem, yeast issues. He reassured me, he'd give me a prescription for meds for that too. (I really hate it when med, after med gets prescribed since it gets out of hand so fast- and I think it's ridiculous). I pleaded with him for the most conservative treatment- and no drugs. He left for a few minutes, and came back and said that I could instead just put the bacitracin on 2x's a day with a new band-aid and leave it open to the air at night. He said to come back if it gets redder. That I could handle.

So, now I am trying not to obsess over whether it's redder or not, and just trying to take care of it.

The two morals of the story are- girls in skirts shouldn't use pitchforks, and do, do, do, be your own advocate for your health care. You know your own body better than them. But still, listen to what they say first.

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