Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jam for breakfast, jam for lunch...

So, I canned jam till the wee hours of the night on Monday. I never tasted
it. I just trusted the "local plum jam" recipe. I tasted it a few days
later. I didn't like it. Ooops.

Dh brought it in to his work where the computer programmer foodies offered
some helpful advice. Sweeten it more. So I did. I had been trying to go the
healthy route, and had sweetened it very lightly.

So, Friday night, I canned the rest. 4 more lbs. of plum jam, canned. IT
went really fast since I had the jam made already and just had to heat it to
a boil, then boil the jars and simmer the lids. Piece of cake. Sometimes
your own tastebuds can get in the way, and you have to outsource those of
others for feedback, and in this case, moral support. I am now confident of
this jam being better, and I'm building up my canning skills as this was the
third time I've canned on my own. It's kind of addictive...The sounds of the
little jars cooling to the point where the jar seals itself with the most
satisfying smack your lips kind of pop, in turn with the idea of preserved
food that doesn't take up fridge or freezer space how can anyone resist?!

I must say initially I was not intrigued by canning at all. DH actually got
me interested in it. Last year for a special birthday present to him I
arranged canning lessons with his mom's best friend, a veteran canner. But
now I'm hooked. What else can I can? Or shall I say "fresh preserve" as the
domestic skill seems to have been rebranded.

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