Monday, October 13, 2008

wanted additional family members to help take care of my family

A week ago Sunday I was sick- and slept all day. I'm still getting over the nose-blowing phase of my cold. A few days before I got sick Noah had a cold, and now DH has lost his voice. Noah, too, is getting over the raspy chest and coughing phase. And now DH is going to bed early to try to get rid of whatever he has. I think Noah might be teething, too. He was spitting like a motorboat on Saturday, and vigorously shoving everything under the sun into his mouth. He's chewing on his fingers a lot.

Noah just slept for an hour and a half- and is now awake. I'm feeling tired already. I think I am in for it.

We just need all our family members here to get well at the same time- and then stay well for at least a few weeks. Is that too much to hope for? Oh, did I mention that Buster has an itchy belly from his fall allergies? Weaselpop is fine, and in sassy spirits. At least she's well.

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