Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gingerbread House bakery

Gingerbread House bakery
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This is so cool, I had to share it. I was in Rochester, MN to attend a
continuing ed workshop and was able to visit 2 sets our our newly re-located
friends. While I was there I stopped in at a friends' Dad's bakery, the
Gingerbread House. It was a really cute bakery filled with yummy things.
What really caught my eye was this, it is in the Guinness Book of World
Records for making and baking the World's Largest gingerbread man! It was so
cool to see pictures of the whole process. A family member knew how to make
cast iron molds and made a huge cookie cutter, and they baked the cookie in
stages. My friend made the dough for this big monster. And it cooked in this
oven. If you are anywhere near Rochester check it out and indulge yourself
in all their goodies. You won't regret it. And eat some cinnamon apple bread
for me. It's almost worth moving there. Almost.

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